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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Will My Move Cost?

The cost of each move varies depending on the amount you have to move, whether packing is required, access to your home etc. Trans International advise the best way to receive an accurate quote is for one of our moving consultants to visit your home and determine an accurate quotation that is tailored to your specific move. Our home visit and quotation service is free of charge. Contact us to book a fast and accurate quotation for your International or Interstate move.

How Much Notice Do You Require?

As much notice as possible is always our preference however we are flexible enough to work within your requirements when you need to make things happen quickly. For International moves we ideally require at least 21 days notice. 

 How Long Will The Move Take?

Timing can vary considerably depending on your destination and when you are moving to.  

As a general rule, once a consultant has visited your home, taken an inventory, provided a quote and the quote has been accepted, the uplift and transportation of domestic consignments will be undertaken within two to six weeks. 

The uplift and transportation of international consignments will be undertaken within four to twelve weeks and your Moving Consultant will be able to give you more detailed information depending on your requirements.

Please note that customs and quarantine requirements in individual countries vary considerably and the timeframes surrounding clearance are entirely up to the officials in those nations. Ensuring you have followed all rules regarding the importation of household goods will go some way towards expediting this process.       

How Can I Manage To Get It All Done In Time?

When it comes to moving, Trans International is committed to making your removal experience as easy and stress-free as possible. We offer the complete package: packing, unpacking, cleaning, bed making, kitchen set up, insurance, specialised pet transfer, car transport, affordable and accessible storage and relocation services, the complete moving package... because we move your family, not just your belongings. 

Can I Pack My Own Cartons?

We suggest that Trans International pack your household items into cartons for International moves. Many countries are no longer accepting shipments that were packed by owner. In addition, any damage incurred to items you packed yourself may not be covered by transit protection. Our packing crew are all fully trained professionals and we use best practice wrapping techniques and materials to ensure your valuables are in safe hands when moving overseas.

Are Packing Materials The Same From Each Removals Company?

No, Trans International utilises materials that are at the forefront of the removal industry and is the first to initiate new products into Australia. Our materials are fully recyclable and provide the maximum protection available.  We also provide specialist packing materials such as wine cartons with polystyrene inserts, painting or mirror cartons, flat screen television cartons, golf club cartons, bicycle cartons and wooden crating for larger items. On the day of your in home quotation, the Moving Consultant compiling your inventory will identify any items requiring this specialised packing and ensure it is provided on the day of packing.

 Do You Dismantle And Reassemble Furniture Such As Beds And Wardbrobes?

Our crew will carry out dismantling and re-assembling of basic furniture items.  Flat packed furniture, waterbeds, custom built furniture and the like will require a specialist or handyman and we will at advise at the time of survey so can allow for the necessary resources and equipment to be provided.

 Will The Crew Unpack For Me?

Included in our standard move is unpacking to benchtops and removing all used packing material. We can also arrange additional unpacking services such as making the beds, connecting audio visual and IT equipment, stocking cupboards, setting up your kitchen, picture hanging etc. Ask your Moving Consultant about what else we can do to ensure you can feel settled in your new home sooner.

 Do Trans International Provide Storage?  

Yes. We can service all your storage needs in modern, clean and secure facilities in more than 40 storage sites within Australia and more than 1000 storage sites around the world. 

 Why Do I Need Insurance?

Whilst Trans International takes every precaution to ensure your possessions are safe and secure, we cannot protect against circumstances beyond our control during transit. When your goods pass through the hands of other organisations including shipping companies, airlines and handling agents, transit insurance offers complete protection and total peace of mind.

 How Can I Make The Move Easier For The Children?

Moving creates lots of changes for your family and children will experience a range of emotions. For some children it will be an exciting adventure, but for others the prospect of a new school, new friends or even a new bedroom can be daunting.

Here are some Parent's Tips for a successful move with children;

  • Relax. If you are relaxed the children will also feel happier about the move.
  • Talk to your children about your move and get them used to the idea well in advance. Constant  communication is vital.
  • Involve your children in the planning process, if your children are old enough give them a special job.
  • Help them learn about the new community where they will be living.
  • Let them be honest with you about how they're feeling.
  • Try explaining the concept of moving to young children by play-acting with dolls, boxes and a truck.
  • Upon arrival, it is a good idea to get your children’s rooms unpacked and organised first. This will help them adjust quickly and they will be able to entertain themselves while you do all the work.
  • Above all, keep your children safe on the moving day and reassure your children that you're not going to leave them behind! 

Can Trans International Help Us With Our New Location?

Trans International understands the challenges of settling and living in a new city or country.  Whether it's housing, education, health, driving, or any other aspect of learning how and where to get things done, we're ready to help ensure the smoothest transition possible. We can organise settling in services, including Home Search, School Selection, Spousal Career Counselling, Cultural Briefings and Orientation as well as visa and migration details. Please contact us so we can arrange for a specialist provider to contact you.

 Are There Any Things I Cannot Take With Me To My New Home?

Most carriers have restrictions relating to safety and security. While countries differ, the items on the Prohibited and Dangerous Goods list cannot be accepted for air, road or sea transport by Trans International Moving & Shipping.

 What Range Of Removal Services Does Trans International Offer?

Trans International offers a wide range of services to make your move simple and stress free. These include:

  • Door-to-door services to anywhere in the world
  • Short-term and long-term storage
  • Transit insurance
  • Specialised crating and casing for especially valuable items
  • Special assistance for transportation of pets and vehicles
  • Moving out or settling in services such as cleaning or handyman needs
  • Optional relocation services such as home searches, school searches, spousal career   counselling, cultural briefings and orientation. 

Can I Take My Vehicle With Me?

Yes. Within Australia, Trans International uses specialist vehicle relocation companies to make sure your car gets to your new location, even if you don’t want to drive it there.

Internationally, vehicle regulations can vary from country to country and they are generally highly detailed in terms of paperwork, regulations and procedures. Before sending any vehicle overseas, be sure to check with your Trans International Moving Consultant first on special requirements and points to consider.

The local embassy of the destination country will also be able to assist. It is a good idea on requesting the regulations in writing. If there are any doubts or concerns about what is or is not allowed, we can assist in checking at the destination with reliable sources.

 Can I Take My Pet With Me?

Yes. Within Australia, Trans International employs specialist partners to assist with pet transportation. Internationally, as with vehicles, the regulations vary greatly from country to country and the importation of pets or animals is carefully monitored at destination.

We will have one of our preferred pet specialist contact you so you are fully aware on the process and requirements for you to be fully informed.



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