Trans International will guide you through the 9 steps in the moving process;


Time To Move Concept

1. Planning: Create your action plan with your Trans International Moving Consultant. Dicsuss moving details, transit times and special considerations.


Request An In Home Visit

2. The Moving Estimate: A Trans International Moving Consultant will come to your home and conduct an in-home survey. It will take no more than 60 minutes of your time and will ensure an accurate assessment of the items needing to be moved as well as your move requirements. Specific customs information at your destination and fragile items requiring customised packing will also be discussed. 






Packing: Our Trans International professional packers prepare your shipment for safe international transport. They provide all materials and employ industry-proven techniques for international shipment.

TWP 10 4. High-Value Items: Trans International professional packers take special care of your high-value items. We document them and place security seals on the cartons – an added measure of protection.
 lift vans.jpg 5. Loading: Once your goods are packed, your Trans International may load them into wooden shipping containers called lift vans. These containers measure approximately seven feet by four feet by seven feet. For larger shipments, Trans International may load the entire household directly into a 40-foot or 20-foot steel ocean container at your residence.


trans trailer truck




To the Port: Trans International transports your shipment to the port of departure.

Shipping 7. Seafreight or airfreight: At the port of departure, Trans International authorized partners will load your containerised shipment onto the ocean vessel or aircraft for international transport.
8. Customs Clearance: at the port of arrival your household goods shipment is processed by the destination customs authority and is cleared for transfer to the qualified destination agent carefully selected by Trans International.
Storage 9. Delivery: The Trans International destination agent delivers your household goods and unpacks them at your new residence. Or, your shipment is delivered into storage until you are ready to receive your goods.


Why Trans International?

Why Choose Trans International

We deliver a quality removalist service for a fair price, with no hidden costs.

We also happen to love what we do. This reflects in the way we communicate with our clients and the extra care we take.