Transit And Delivery

Transit and Delivery

Trans International is an expereinced international removalist, so you can be guaranteed that your move will be handled efficiently and also with care.

Your detailed inventory document describes and numbers each item that you are moving and this will ensure the safe transit of your household belongings from uplift right through to delivery to your new home.

Shipment size and destination will determine the best method of transport required to provide the most cost effective and timely delivery. Your moving consultant will work with you to agree a transit and delivery schedule that best meets your needs and we will communicate with you to ensure you are always aware of where your belongings are.

Extra care with delivery can be an integral part of ensuring a successful move. Trans International will deliver your household belongings to your new home and will unload, place and unwrap all furniture. If you have opted for a packing service then we will also unpack all boxes to bench top level.

When the delivery is complete, Trans International will remove all boxes and packing materials to free you from the mess and allow you to settle in quickly from your new home. (We will also recycle all packaging too!)


Valet Service 

Our affordable Valet service is the perfect option for a stress free move. Your new home environment can be set up quickly and efficiently, removing all the usual disruption involved with moving.  Our Valet service involves valet assistants arriving at your new home at the same time as your removalist and will;

  • Unpack cartons and place contents into cupboards; crockery, kitchen goods, personal items
  • Empty packing cartons and have them ready for collection
  • Place food items in pantry and fridge
  • Organise your new wardrobe, put away and hang your clothing
  • Set up your bedroom and make the beds
  • Organise and sort the linen cupboard
  • Arrange books neatly on book shelves
  • Organise children’s toys and baby goods

To arrange these services, simply talk to your Move Consultant, and the service will form part of your moving quote.

We specialise in International Moving from Australia.




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