Home Services To Make Your Move Easier

Home Services

Increasingly we are being asked to provide home services for our clients moving overseas. These services help to provide a smooth and enjoyable moving process, so your time can be spent focussing on your work, family and friends.

Home Cleaning

Organising a home cleaning service for both the home you are vacating and the one you are moving into is becoming increasingly popular with our clients. Trans International can arrange a thorough home-cleaning service to suit your particular requirements which really does make the task of moving house seem more enjoyable! 

Our services can include oven cleaning, carpet cleaning, blind, drape or curtain cleaning and window cleaning. 

Home Gardening 

Prior to your departure or arrival Trans International can arrange a gardening service to mow lawns, trim hedges and tidy up the gardens.

Electrical Services

Trans International can arrange during the delivery service for a qualified technician to visit your home and change all the electrical plugs on your appliances so they will operate when needed.

Note: This is only applicable to appliances that operate using 220-240 volts.

Carpentry and Handyman Assistance

In the process of moving, there may be jobs which require the assistance of a carpenter or handyman. This could include reassembling furniture such as wardrobes and wall units or hanging pictures and mirrors. If you are not the handy type, Trans International can provide qualified personnel to carry out these tasks and help make your move as smooth as possible.

Rubbish Removal

Run out of time to remove all the items and waste you have decided not to take with you? Trans International can collect and remove rubbish and also discard goods not suitable for transporting such as pesticides, gas cylinders etc.

Valet Service

Unpacking and setting up your new home can be a challenging and sometimes stressful task. Our valet service is the perfect solution to take the strain out of unpacking. It enables our customers to focus on re-establishing their home environment and lifestyle. Trans International provides trained and professional valet assistants to; 

  • Unpack cartons and place contents into cupboards; crockery, kitchen goods, personal items
  • Empty packing cartons and have them ready for collection
  • Place food items in pantry and fridge
  • Organise your new wardrobe, put away and hang your clothing
  • Set up your bedroom and make the beds
  • Organise and sort the linen cupboard
  • Arrange books neatly on book shelves
  • Organise children’s toys and baby goods

To arrange these services, simply talk to your Move Consultant, and the service will form part of your International or Interstate moving quote.



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