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Trans International can provide a range of insurance options to offer complete protection and peace of mind throughout the moving process.

Why Is Transit Insurance Required?

Whilst Trans International takes every precaution to ensure your possessions are safe and secure, we cannot protect against circumstances beyond our control during transit such as accidents, vibration, shock, weather, pressure, movement and atmospheric changes. Especially for International Moving when your goods pass through the hands of other organisations including shipping companies, airlines and handling agents. Transit insurance offers complete protection and total peace of mind.


What Does Transit Insurance Cover?

Trans International transit insurance is one of the most user friendly protection plans in the market. Features include;

  • New for old replacement – regardless of age
  • Our own insurance licence – no third parties
  • Choice of Insurance extensions
  • Vested interest and prompt settlement periods
  • Dedicated case manager
  • AUD $150.00 Excess
  • Temporary accommodation cover (Total Value Cover only)
  • 60 Day storage extension at origin and destination


Your Choice Of Insurance Extensions

Although a comprehensive policy is taken over your goods whilst in transit, there are the following extensions available to further enhance your cover to ensure that you’re fully protected
  • Packed by Owner Cover
  • Storage Extension
  • Pairs & Sets
  • Mechanical / Electrical Derangement
  • Packing & Moving Costs
  • Mould & Mildew Cover
  • Temporary Accommodation Cover



View our International Insurance Schedule and PDS.

View our Domestic Insurance Schedule and PDS.

Contact Us for any further details in relation to your required Insurance to cover International Moving and Interstate Moving.


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