Time To Move Concept

The International Moving Process

Moving overseas is not a simple task – and the best way to make your international move go smoothly is to be prepared! Trans International will prepare a pre-move survey with you that will identify all the relevant factors and requirements, and deadlines, that you need to be aware of in order to make your move as hassle-free as possible!

The move process is illustrated below with the benefits highlighted:

1. Pre-Move Survey

An effective and comprehensive pre-move survey is essential as the first step to fully understand and discuss all aspects of your International move.

The Pre-Move Survey will identify:

  • The volume of goods and possessions to be moved
  • Any special requirements you may have
  • Any access/parking restrictions
  • Any deadlines/timescales
  • Your contact details and any travel arrangements
  • Packing requirements
  • Shipping method (air, sea or road)
  • Any additional charges that may apply
  • Any required documentation such as customs paperwork, work or residency permits etc.

2. Quote

Following your pre-move survey your moving consultant will be able to provide you with a detailed quote for your individual move.

The quotation will detail the following:

  • Volume estimated
  • Move information
  • Method statement detailing method of transport, packing wrapping requirements, timeline etc
  • Price

3. Packing

Trans International offer a comprehensive full packing service, and will use a range of appropriate packaging to protect fragile and delicate items to ensure avoidance of damage especially on long journey.

Why should you use a professional mover to pack when moving overseas?

  • Any item packed by yourself has a heightened risk of being delayed and inspected by overseas authorities which can attract additional fees
  • Professionally trained packers
  • You might not even be able to do it yourself due to customs regulations

4. Shipping

Once your items are all packed they will then be shipped either by air, sea or road depending on the method agreed with your Consultant.

Estimated transit times for air /sea / road shipments are as follows but can sometimes be delayed by shipping lines, airlines or customs:

Air:      7-10 working days
Sea:    6 to10 weeks
Road:  Direct load 3 to 7 working days OR part load 2 to 3 weeks

For more information on shipping requirements see our shipping page

5. Customs

Each country requires different set of custom documents. Your Consultant will provide you with the local custom documents and inform you about any restricted items specific to your destination country.

If you are shipping alcohol (if not prohibited), pets or vehicles, additional documents might be required.

You will be kept informed when you container arrives at destination, and once your container has cleared your Move Manager will inform you and arrange a delivery date.

 6. Delivery

Extra care with delivery can be an integral part of ensuring a successful move. Trans International will deliver your household belongings to your new home and will unload, place and unwrap all furniture. If you have opted for a packing service then we will also unpack all boxes to bench top level.

When the delivery is complete, Trans International will remove all boxes and packing materials to free you from the mess and allow you to settle in quickly from your new home. (We will also recycle all packaging too!)


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