Packing Safely


If you are planning International moving or even Interstate moving, packing is always a key consideration in choosing a removalist. At Trans International we utilise best practice packing standards to ensure we provide a quality service for each and every move we undertake. It starts with our in home consultants that have the skills and experience to recognise, measure and communicate the detail required to safely pack and transport each client's individual items. Some clients may have extensive wine collections, others are collectors of fine art, and each move requires a specific plan. Our entire packing crews are trained to meet international standards so you can trust that your valuables are in safe hands.

This is what you can expect from your Trans International packing crew:

  • Fully trained, professional crew members that arrive at a designated time with all the packing materials required for the job.
  • An experienced team leader to manage the job.
  • Best Practice wrapping techniques to minimise movement and provide maximum care.
  • A detailed packing inventory with each item numbered and labelled.
  • Custom-built, specialist crates for fragile and high value items for maximum protection.
  • Fine Art and Antiques are custom wrapped and then placed in crates; specifications meet museum and gallery standards.
  • Heavy duty covers and wraps to protect large items such as lounges, mattresses and upholstered chairs.
  • Rugs and carpets rolled and carefully secured to avoid creasing.
  • We utilise a variety of specifically designed packing boxes/cartons that are over specification to provide maximum protection. We wrap fragile items before packing into cartons;

a.  Standard Cartons: a large general purpose double walled carton used for packing crockery, china, glassware and larger items.

b.  Utility carton: a small general purpose carton used for food items, bathroom items, tools, etc.

c.  Book Carton: a small carton, designed to accommodate carrying your heavier items including books and files, whilst still maximising space efficiency.

d.  Port-A-Robe: specifically designed so that the packing crew can directly remove the clothing from your wardrobe and transport it on hangers. The port-a-robe is a great solution for keeping your clothes organised, clean and ready to hang in the wardrobe of your new home.

e.  Flat pack/mini robe: used for clothing and linen

f.   Television carton: specifically designed for large plasma and LCD televisions.

g.  Bicycle cartons: to protect your bicycle during transit.

Contact Trans International today for an International Moving Company that can meet all your packing requirements. 

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